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Nightview in Alexeyevka 'Township' :o)    McDonald's in the Center City    Rose Luxemburg Square    Sumskaya Street

Lenin Avenue    Electric suburbian train    Gosprom Building    Constitution Square

Blagoveshyensky Cathedral    Taras Shevchenko monument    Uspensky Cathedral    'Universitet' metro station

Independence Square    Kharkov Opera Theatre     Intersection in Center City    Steklyannaya struya

My house    Park Shevchenko    Fancy street lights    Public transportation

Universam No.9    Kharkov State University     Pokrovsky Monastery    Ludvig Svoboda Avenue

Obkom Building    A project to extend the 3rd Metro line (since 1986)    Near Alexeyevsky Market    Victory Avenue

'Gosprom' Metro station    'Independence Square' bus and trolley stop     Gosprom from the distance    New businesses in Alexeyevka

Soviet elevator     Dayview in Alexeyevka 'Township'    Novye Russkie cruisin' the town in Mercedes

State Bank    Panorama of the Independence Square

Kharkov Institute of Arts (Conservatory)

Link to the Ukrainian Consulate in NYC


Bolshoi Theatre    The church near Cremlin     KinderWorld superstore     The church on New Arbat

New Arbat (former Kalinin Avenue)    Bridge over the Moscow-River    Red Square

Center City


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